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Ordering from Victoria Junction, Craigavon couldn’t be easier, simply click on the “View full menu” button and you’ll be taken to Just Eat through our partners Top Cashback…where you can order online and have your food delivered straight to your door.

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Just Eat – How to Order Food from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Friday night? Long day at work? Why waste your time making a mess when you could order your favourite meal straight from your computer or smartphone?With Just Eat, you can have everything from Italian, Indian and Chinese food delivered straight to your door. Just Eat customers can also use the handy app to order directly from the best local takeaways in your area.

What is Just Eat?

Just Eat is essentially a middleman that gives you widespread, easy access to restaurants all across the UK. From fancy food to chippy teas, Just Eat lets you order food from your favourite dishes.Just Eat directly coordinates with local restaurants and food caterers to offer hundreds of delicious food options to you, the consumer. Just Eat takes a cut from orders made through their platform, and the company delivers your order to you rather than someone from the restaurant.This gives people the chance to eat amazing food any day of the week. Ranging from sushi, BBQ grills, and vegan takeouts, there are currently more than 29,000 restaurants registered with Just Eat in the UK.

Ordering your takeaway online:

1. Head over to Just

 At the Just Eat website, it’s very simple to get started in finding the best local food on offer. If you’re someone that likes to order food frequently, you can make an account to save your payment details as well as your delivery address. The main home page also shows some of the country’s most popular types of cuisine if you’re looking for some culinary inspiration.

2. Enter your postcode and choose your restaurant

Finding Just Eat’s range of takeaways is easy. Simply enter your postcode into the delivery search bar to be given a list of your area’s best takeaway. You’ll be able to see which restaurants are currently open, as well as those which are taking orders for later, meaning that you’ll be able to sort out tonight’s dinner during any time of the day.

3. Make your selection and order

Once you’ve picked a place to order from, it’s time to pick your grub. After clicking on your restaurant of choice, you’ll be taken to a menu full of everything from sides, main courses, desserts and sides.Adding dishes to your order is very simple. All you need to do is scroll through the menu and click each dish you’d like to add. You’ll be able to see the price of each dish, as well as change the quantity of each dish.At this stage you can also select whether you want delivery or collection. If you’re desperate for a bite to eat, collection is the quicker option. It also cuts out the delivery fee if you choose to get the food yourself.Just Eat supports multiple options for payment:
  • Debit or credit card
  • Google/Apple Pay/Paypal (via supported devices)
  • Cash payment

4. Sit back and wait for the delivery

If you’ve selected delivery, now the only thing to do is wait back and relax. Once your order is confirmed by the restaurant, they will provide you with an estimated delivery time. This means you’ll know exactly when to get your knife and fork ready.

5. Enjoy!

The beauty of Just Eat is that since you will have already paid online, you can tuck right in as soon as your order arrives at your door. Of course, if you decided to use good, old-fashioned cash payment, this is the stage where you pay the delivery driver the cost for your order.Whatever your meal of choice might be, here’s the moment where you get to enjoy the fresh, delicious food that’s on offer on Just Eat.

Benefits of ordering your takeaway from Just Eat

Just Eat offers a bunch of advantages over your bog-standard takeaway process. If you’re someone that wants a convenient, secure and modern way to order your food, then there’s no better option than Just Eat.

Allergy Options

Lots of restaurants and takeaways lack detailed information on their menus. This means that allergens and dietary information can be vague or missing entirely. Luckily, Just Eat requires restaurants to provide detailed ingredient information, meaning that whether you’re intolerant or just avoiding certain types of food, you’ll see exactly what dishes are suitable for you.

Access to Thousands of Restaurants

As mentioned earlier, Just Eat has links to more than 29,000 UK food caterers. And with more and more places being added regularly, there’s always something new and exciting to try out. This massive library of restaurants also means that Just Eat is one of the UK’s most diverse mobile food ordering platforms.

Contact Free Food Delivery

If you choose to pay before your food arrives, you can have your food delivered in a safe, secure and contact-free way. This is a great option for vulnerable customers, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy the delicious local food on offer in their community.

Delivered Straight to Your Door

Of course, the best part of Just Eat is the fact you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own sofa. Turn on the telly and put the kettle on as you order tonight’s tea without any hassle at all. Just Eat will take care of everything, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the food that’s headed to your door.

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